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We repair all kinds of cameras (film & digital), lenses, and shutters. Most repairs are done on site.

CCD Cleaning

We can perform CCD Cleanings for DSLR and Medium Format Digital Backs with a quick turn-a-round, sometimes even while you wait.

Lens Repair

Lenses vary by manufacturer, and each lens has its own characteristics. Whether the lens has impact damage, or needs to have a dented filter removed, we can repair it.

*Pending parts availability.

Digital Camera Repair

We can repair bent pins in the card slot, bad USB ports, and more. 

Canon & Nikon etc.

Medium Format Cameras

Our camera expert with 40 years plus experience can fix and restore various cameras and lenses from Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rolleiflex, Pentax, and more.

*Pending parts availability.

Shutter Repair

There are many types of Large Format Shutters and sizes. We can repair, clean, and bring these shutters back to life!

Old & Antique Camera Restoration

We can fix and restore many different cameras: Contax, Leica, Contessa, Alpa, Pentacon, Praktica, Exakta 66 and many more.


We provide a 90 Day Service Warranty and we offer an Extended Warranty for up to one year!

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